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Do you want to show your talent in the world?

If you play an instrument or sing, this is your chance! For a long time, the pending subject in all the Conservatories of Music, has been and is to instruct the students in their professional career as a musician.

Omar e Ivanna CIAO

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How to get concerts? As a rule, teachers never explain to their students what to do to get concerts, open an international market or make recordings.
Why practice for 8 hours a day if you do not give concerts afterwards? Can you imagine studying 8 hours a day of English, and then not talking to anyone in that language? Music is the international language par excellence, and we all need you to talk to us about music and your talent.


It is not fair that after all the sacrifice you have made throughout your life to become a Great Musician and Artist now you feel disappointed and frustrated, seeing how others achieve success while you do not get results and your career Professional slowly goes off ...


To break this injustice once and for all

We can offer you different musical performances


Management of concerts, creation of personalized artistic proposals for each artist, dossier and sending to concert presenters, opera companies and other performing arts organizations that attract concert artists. And finalize concert tours.


We also offer and support the production of recordings, recorded in Baja California and printed in the United States, Mastering and Mixing in Europe or Baja California (depending on availability). As well as creating an official website for the artist.


The marketing staff of Omar Gutierrez & Partners © connects with presenters who book talent throughout Mexico and the world every month to offer highly personalized marketing that focuses on getting the consideration presenters need so much. When the interest is expressed, our managers take control and work to establish a relationship between the presenter or institution and the agency until they can schedule dates for presentations and concerts as well as radio and television presentations.

Omar e Ivanna
Two pianos Omat e Ivanna
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Chiu Yu Chen

Classical Pianist

Composer and pianist

Chiu-Yu Chen
German Hidalgo


Composer and Pianits Gypsy jazz


Concert pianist

Luigi Borzillo

Alfonso Magaña



Peter Averin

Concert Pianist

Petr Averin

 Concert Pianist

                                                                      $257 USD per month
                                                                                         subscription per 6 months 

Management of concerts around the world (Beginning in Mexico), as well as presentations on radio and TV, in addition to the creation of the customized proposal and dossier.
                                                                          $397 USD per month
                                                                                         subscription per 9 months 

Everything in the general category plus the creation and design of your official website, with everything you need to make your musical work known to the world.
                                                                $597 USD per month
                                                                                    ( subscription per 13 months )

Everything from the General and Elite categories plus the realization of a record production, which would be recording, design, Master and Mixing and printing of 100 CDs, as well as digital distribution in the main platforms of the world such as: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Cd Baby, among others, always keeping the 100% copyrights of the artist as owner!

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