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Do you want to show the world your talent and make your Instagram grow up?


If you play an instrument, sing or whatever your niche is.  This is your chance! INSTAGRAM has long created a solid audience through the action of posting your photos and videos.
Remember it is NOT an obligation to have professional videos or photos!

Contact us if you want to be part of this great team!

How to get 100,000 followers? how to verify an ig account? As a general rule, in the tutorials or courses they never tell you something clear and concrete about how to create an audience on Instagram. Let alone verify it with the coveted blue badge.
Why upload photos or videos and spend hours a day if you don't get followers, much less likes? The biggest MISTAKE is to believe that with the ''little chains'' Among friends you will achieve an audience, since that can only be achieved with marketing and Adds.

It is not fair that after all the sacrifice you have made throughout your life to become a Great Influencer and Artist, you now feel disappointed and frustrated, seeing how others achieve success while you do NOT get results in your Account from Instagram and slowly fading away...

To break once and for all with this injustice

We may offer you different opportunities to promote your instagram account 

Promote your IG content, with thousands of followers AND LIKES so that you yourself can see how your ACCOUNT grows month after month!

The marketing staff of Omar's Music & Co© connects with networks of talent and audiences around the world every month to deliver highly-qualified marketing that focuses on getting much-needed consideration on your Instagram account.

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Our verified Instagram account OMAR E IVANNA endorses what we say! Visit it by clicking on the following button👇

       $399 USD per month
  (Minimum subscription 1  month)

10,000 followers from all over the world, as well as x4 times more likes and x2 times more comments on 6 recent posts per month, remember it doesn't matter if your post is not HD.
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            $499 USD per month
          (Minimum subscription 3 months)

20,000 followers from all over the world as well as x6 more likes  and x3 more comments on 8 posts per month. (Remember it does not matter if your post is not of professional quality).
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PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
         $699 USD per month
       ( Minimum subscription 5 months )

30,000 followers from all over the world as well as x8 more likes  and x4 more comments in 10 posts per month. (Remember it does not matter if your post is not with professional quality).

Agency policies, click here to know them.

When using Paypal  it will apply 9% charge based on the amount .
When using Mercado Pago it will apply
 3% charge based on the amount .

Do you want to show your talent on concert tours around the world🎹🎻. Click on the button to know more.

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