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Do you want to show your talent in the world and monetize your YouTube channel??

If you play an instrument, you sing or whatever your niche is. this is your chance! YOUTUBE has long paid by creating an audience through monetization through commercials.
Remember it is NOT an obligation to have HD videos or professional videos!

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How to get 1000 followers? As a general rule, tutorials or courses never tell you something clear and concrete about how to create an audience on YouTube.

Why upload videos and spend hours of daily dedication if you don't get views later? The biggest MISTAKE is believing that with the "chains" between friends you will achieve a monetization, since to monetize your channel you need more than a thousand subscribers and hours of reproduction that can only be achieved with marketing and Adds.

It is not fair that after all the sacrifice you have made throughout your life to become a Great Youtuber and Artist, now you feel disappointed and frustrated, seeing how others achieve success while you do NOT get results and your Channel YouTube is slowly fading ...

To break once and for all with this injustice

We may offer you different opportunities to promote your YouTube channel.


Promote your YouTube content, with thousands of views, likes and followers , you´ll see your channel grows month after month!

We also offer professional editions to give your channel a boost and you can have more MONETIZATION opportunities on YOUTUBE.

Omar Gutierrez & Co © marketing staff connects with talent networks and audiences around the world each month to deliver highly personalized marketing that focuses on gaining much-needed consideration by YouTube channels.

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Our YouTube channel OMAR E IVANNA endorses what we say! Visit it by clicking on the following button👇

     $127 USD per month
    ( subscription per 5 months )
100 subscribers from all over the world, 1000 views in a video that is of your selection, remember no matter if your video is not HD.
        $197 USD per month
         ( subscription per 7 months )
150 subscribers from all over the world, 50 likes in a video, 1000 views in a video that is your selection remember no matter if your video is not HD.
       $397 USD per month
       ( subscription per 9 months )
200 subscribers from all over the world, 100 likes spread over 2 videos, as well as 2000 views spread over 2 videos that are of your selection, remember it doesn't matter if your video is not HD. We also include video editing adding your logo at the beginning before starting your video.

Agency policies, click here to know them.

When using Paypal  it will apply 9% charge based on the amount .
When using Mercado Pago it will apply
 3% charge based on the amount .

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