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Review of the newspaper "El vigia" El Nuevo Mundo by Omar and Ivanna.

The concert duo from Ensenada returned to the stage at the October Festival with pieces for four hands; after the pandemic, they will resume their presentations in Mexico and the United States


The Gutiérrez brothers win first place in the International Music Competition in Switzerland.

The pianists, violinists, concert performers and classical composers, Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez, originally from Baja California, have been winners of the first place in the International Music Competition of Switzerland, 2021.


Review in "El Imparcial" Musicians from Ensenada win first place in competition in Switzerland.


Before more than 500 competitors worldwide, the pianists and violinists from Ensenada, Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez, won first place in the International Music Competition of Switzerland, in the category of record production.  

el imparcial.jpg

Interview in “El vigia” Porteños stand out in Switzerland.

In the interview for El Vigia, the young siblings highlighted that they were the only Mexican participants in the call for the International Music Competition held in Switzerland in which there were representatives from European countries, China, Japan, the United States and Canada.



For being an example of determination, effort, courage and for raising the name of Ensenada in Mexico and the world, the XXIV City Council recognized youth pride in dance and art. In the recognition event, the general coordinator of the Cabinet, Elvia Martínez, celebrated the achievements of the pianists Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez who in recent days won awards in international competitions.

2022-04-02 19_08_53-XXIV Ayuntamiento de Ensenada – Municipio de Ensenada.png

Recognize winners of international competitions

For obtaining prizes in international competitions in recent days, the State Government gave recognition to the pianists Omar and Ivanna who obtained the first place in record production in the International Music Competition held in Switzerland”


News “” They recognize young winners of international art competitions.

At the recognition event, the cabinet general coordinator celebrated the achievements of the pianists Omar and Ivanna, "we feel very honored in our municipality to have artists like them who won first place in record production at the International Music Competition held in Switzerland ”

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Interview by Mano Mexicana magazine ''Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez, Mexican pride in classical music.' 

The brothers won first place in the International Music Competition of Switzerland during the 2021 edition, in the category of record production, being the only Mexicans present in this competition that included the participation of personalities of classical music as musicians, judges and organizers of the renowned contest.

Omar and Ivanna are a clear example of dedication, passion and discipline.


Shanghai Hujiang College USST article:

"Famous Mexican pianist brothers come to our school to present a concert for two pianos."

The concert was brilliant: brothers Omar and Ivanna played two-piano works by famous European composers such as Shostakovich, Borodin and Saint-Saëns. The wonderful stage performance and precise control of the music by the brothers won warm applause from the audience.


Article from the newspaper "El Mexicano" pianists Omar and Ivanna conquered Shanghai.


The oriental public enjoyed the Art on two pianos tour and the premiere waltz No.1 "The Champions composed by Omar G. In addition, the duet of classical pianists, Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez promote their new DVD of the concert in Shanghai of the tour "The Art of Two Pianos".


Review of the newspaper "El Vigía" Omar and Ivana present their concert in Shanghai.


The brothers Omar and Ivanna Gutierrez will present a DVD with the concert “El Arte a Dos Pianos” recorded in the Hujiang concert hall of the USST University of Art and Science the duet known as Omar and Ivanna recently returned from a tour in China where they played before a forum of 800 people classical and Latin music.


USST WeChat Press, Shanghai, China: Famous pianist brothers from Mexico are here to perform.

You will be treated to a wonderful classical concert for two pianos at the Shanghai UUS University of Science and Technology Concert Hall!” at 19:30 on October 11, 2019 (Friday)! They are outstanding young pianists in Mexico, who not only learned the piano, but also mastered the violin and composition. 


Review of the newspaper "EL Imparcial" Pianists from Ensenada triumph in China.

The pianists and violinists, known as the duet Omar and Ivanna, are originally from Ensenada and have been playing the piano professionally for more than ten years. Last year they made a successful tour in China, where they played classical music and Latin.


Interview by the Italian newspaper “Il Gazzetino” Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez sono arrivati ieri a Treviso per incidere

il second album at the Teatro delle Voce.


A pianoforte. Anzi, due. Quattro mani sui tasti. Lo stesso sguardo, giovane e disincantato, sincere ed aperto di chi with the music near di

I will heal the ferite of a popolo and of a country devastated by the earthquake.


Review of the newspaper El Vigía festival science art, culture and technology.

With messages focused on integrating science, art and technology as one as a universal culture, in addition to a concert for two pianos, the Festival of Knowledge was inaugurated, where Omar and Ivanna performed, outstanding performers of classical music and who recently recorded the record production “The Art of Two Pianos”. El Vigía Newspaper: Inauguration of the Festival of Knowledge


Review of the newspaper El Vigía Inauguration of the Knowledge Festival.

The activities that will be carried out are headed by the Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). This Sunday the festival will be inaugurated with the concert El Arte a Dos Pianos with Omar and Ivanna, two internationally acclaimed charismatic pianist and violinist brothers.


Interview by Mano Mexicana magazine ''Two brothers united by the piano'' 

If we think of renowned pianists, surely greats like Beethoven, Mazziotti, Mozart, Lang Lang come to mind, and the list can go on. But, Could you imagine that 2 brothers united by the same passion have had presentations on international stages?

Omar and Ivanna are a clear example of dedication, passion and discipline.


Concert review from the El Vigia newspaper “Delight ear with recital”

The famous brothers Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez offered their audience a magical musical evening named "Great Mexican and Spanish concert".

The artists seek to expand horizons and present what will be the material for a future project in which their main element will be passion and dedication to music.


Invitation from the newspaper El Vigía: Attend the concert “Suite Española”


The piano virtuosos, Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez will offer a repertoire by Agustín Lara, accompanied by the voice of the tenor, Alfonso Magaña will be a multidisciplinary show in which there will be flamenco dance, a tenor and two prodigious pianists with songs and double steps by El Musco Poet A. Lara.


National Fonoteca - Piano recital Mexico-Spain


The outstanding international pianists Omar and Ivanna present a concert for solo piano and duet for four hands on a single piano, with a repertoire that includes the best works of some of the most important Mexican and Spanish composers such as Manuel M. Ponce, Carrasco, Carlos Chávez A. Marquez, Albéniz, Manuel de Falla among others. As well as works by O. Gutiérrez as well.


Italian newspaper “Some where” Concerto - Omar & Ivanna Gutiérrez Venerdì 29 Settembre


Si esibiscono in concerto i fratelli messicani Omar & Ivanna Gutiérrez, giovanissimi ma già affermati sul panorama internationale, winner of the Silver 1000 award in the Performing Artist category, 2013 edition. Repertoire that annovera composeri Spagnoli e Messicani, spaziando dall'Ottocento al primo Novecento di Manuel M. Ponce, fine al brano composto dallo stesso Omar Gutiérrez, che insieme alla pianistica carrier sta sviluppando quella de composer.


Review by the newspaper "Tijuana Informativo"


Pianists Omar Gutiérrez and Ivanna Gutiérrez presented the venue recital El arte a dos pianos, in the Federico Campbell Hall of the Tijuana Cultural Center, an agency of the Ministry of Culture. The concert began with Borodin's Polivitzianas Dances, to continue with Valse di Concierto, the work composed by Omar Gutiérrez, which premiered in this venue, the young people continued with Africa Fantasia by Saint-Saens; followed by Libertango, Piazzolla.

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Review of the newspaper "El Vigia" Travel through Europe

In June 2013 the musicians Ivanna and Omar Salvador Gutiérrez García made their first tour in a European nation, during October of this year 2018 they will carry out their second international musical trip, which includes Italy and France.


Review by the cultural and social magazine "The Word"


''Omar and Ivanna'' The pianists and violinists Ivanna and Omar Gutiérrez speak

about his career and the great legacy left by classical music composers. 


Review by the cultural and social magazine ''CIAO'' 

Omar and Ivanna concert pianists and violinists – A concert that showcased the great talent of brothers Ivanna and Omar Gutiérrez. Their career is a reflection of the time they have played their instruments: piano and violin.


Interview in the Spanish magazine “Mallorca Guay”

We prefer to spend the weekends practicing instead of going out to parties. Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez: They are two young Mexicans, 24 and 21 years old respectively, who will be in Mallorca very soon.


Interview Omar & Ivanna about their experience in Spain.

Young musicians from Ensenada play on stages in Spain, performed for a cosmopolitan audience on the Island of Mallorca (Spain) and recorded a record production in Europe.


Review for the Am Guanajuato newspaper “They offered a piano concert”​

The young Ensenada have offered concerts throughout the Republic and Europe.

A piano concert and the premiere of his album recorded in Spain, which will be presented by the Mexican concert pianists and Ivanna and Omar Gutiérrez.



Review of the newspaper "Correo" about the concert at the Quijote Iconographic Museum (MIQ) Gto.

Omar and Ivanna delight the audience at the MIQ, the artists played works by great composers. Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Brahms and Mexicans like Manuel M. Ponce were the motivation for the young pianists Omar and Ivanna who played Thursday night at the Iconographic Museum.


''Tijuana Newspaper Review Piano duet for the third anniversary of CEART Tecate''.

CEART Tecate celebrates its third anniversary with the great "Concert for two pianos" performed by the pianists Omar and Ivanna.

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Review of the newspaper "El Mexicano" The musicians Omar and Ivanna delight the audience with the piano and violin.

The young talented teachers from Ensenada, Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez, presented a concert for piano and violin which was entitled "The great works of traditional music" all with the intention of providing support to Grupo RETO AC


Review of the newspaper "El Vigia" They will offer a recital against cancer.

For the third time in a row, Grupo Reto de Ensenada, AC, together with the Gutiérrez García brothers, present a traditional music concert. Ivanna and Omar Salvador Gutiérrez García, both violinists and pianists, will present a concert of traditional music from Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Russia and Spain; entitled "The great works of traditional music"


“Voces crossed BCS” invites two pianos to the concert “El arte del Piano” with Omar & Ivanna at La Paz Concert Hall (SCON).

Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultura presents at the La Paz Concert Hall of the music school, they invite all music lovers to enjoy the concert for two pianos "El Arte del Piano", with the concert pianists Omar & Ivanna G.


News Cozumel, Q. Roo “StereoSónika” Group Gala Night with Omar & Ivanna Gutiérrez. “Successful Gala Night of the XXVIII FPMCQROO Anniversary Festival”

Parks of the Foundation and museums of Cozumel Quintana Roo successfully offered a Gala Night piano concert with the presentation of the brothers Omar & Ivanna, concert pianists.


Review of the newspaper Noticias La Paz: Californian Institute of Culture - Omar & Ivanna in concert La Paz South BC They present concert "The art of the piano" La Paz concert hall.

The event took place with the presentation of the concert "El Arte del píano" in the Concert Hall in La Paz with the presentation of the brothers Omar and Ivanna, currently they have performed in different theaters and forums where they have been appreciated for their great talent. .

noticias la paz.png

Review of the newspaper "La Verdad" - Cancún, Q. Roo "Successful concert tour" 

The brothers offer a concert tour of Cancun and Cozumel, the pianists presented spectacular concerts.

08 LA VERDAD.jpg

The FPMCQROO Presents Piano Concert with Omar & Ivana Gala Night.

As part of its XXVIII anniversary, Omar and Ivanna offer a Piano Concert at the Gala Night, who will present their CD album recorded in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

09 y 13  LA VOZ.jpg

"Master Night"

Los Baja Califronianos offer a recital with works that contain the CD album "Omar e Ivanna" a gift on the 45th anniversary of Cancun, a magnificent debut full of virtuosity and interpretative maturity.


"Concert for two pianos to benefit IREE"

San Miguel Allende city welcoming Omar & Ivanna Gutierrez pianist duet at Angela Peralta Theater were they will perform a concert for two pianos to benefit IREE foundation.


"Classical music concert for a good cause"

"In the interest of helping women with cancer, Omar & Ivanna, concert pianists, presented a great classical music concert to benefit Grupo Reto.

12 LOGO MAS IN.jpg

"Great piano concert with Ivanna and Omar Gutiérrez" 

As part of its XXVIII anniversary, Omar and Ivanna offer a Piano Concert at the Gala Night, who will present their CD album recorded in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

09 y 13  LA VOZ.jpg

Frontera Newspaper “Omar & Ivanna present piano duo CD album”.

Omar & Ivanna are two young people from Ensenada who have performed in the State of Baja California as exponents of classical music at a national and international level.  

14 -la-frontera copia.jpg

Review in the newspaper "Informador" of Guadalajara.

Classical piano by two young people from Baja California Ivanna and Omar Gutiérrez will visit the López Portillo Museum this Friday as a sample of their piano performances.

15 el-informador.jpg

Article from the newspaper “El Vigia” interview with Omar & Ivanna “Virtuosos Piano”

The brothers Omar & Ivanna Gutiérrez present their first record production recorded in Spain; they will continue offering recitals in Ensenada and other states of the country.


Review in Evensi // Omar & Ivanna concert in Mexico City.

“El Arte del ´Piano” Omar & Ivanna Gutiérrez present their first record production recorded in Spain.


Review in Mexico is culture about the piano concert at CECUT Tijuana.

 Omar & Ivanna Gutiérrez in concert: presentation of their new record production and piano concert with works by: Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, and Prokofiev. “A musical journey from Classicism to contemporary”


Interview with Omar & Ivanna for the newspaper "El Vigia"

"Two concert players with a great future" They have been able to transmit their talent through Baja California and Guadalajara, and are about to take off to Europe to perform 3 concerts.


Newspaper “Metropolitano BC” The pianists from Ensenada Omar and Ivanna will present their CD Album at CECUT Tijuana.​

 The new album by Omar and Ivanna, musicians from Baja California, will be released in concert at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT).

20 Metropolitano B.C..jpg

Review of the newspaper "El Mexicano" about the concert Magno concert "El Arte del Piano"

The first edition of the great concert “El arte del piano” in collaboration with the GRUPO RETO AC foundation was in charge of the musicians Omar and Ivanna from Baja California who approached the foundation with altruistic purposes.


Newspaper “El Vigía” Piano and violin concert “They interpret the classics”

A warm stage received the art of the brothers Ivanna and Omar Gutiérrez, pianists and violinists in the presentation "The Legacy of the great composers of classical music"


​Review by the newspaper “Códice” Tecate Baja California “Great Piano & Violin Concert”

The brothers Omar and Ivanna Gutiérrez, talented artists who recently made a concert tour in Europe Promote their most recent album recorded in Spain.

23 CODICE copia.jpg

Article from the newspaper “Border News Agency” Pianists from Ensenada will exhibit a record.

The new CD album by Ivanna & Omar musicians from Baja California will premiere at the Concert Hall of the Tijuana Cultural Center with a concert suitable for all types of audiences and promises to be exciting in terms of performance and select repertoire.


Review of the newspaper "El Mexicano" about the great concert "El Arte del Piano"

First edition of the great concert “El arte del piano” in collaboration with Grupo Reto AC by Ensenadense musicians Omar & Vanna who approached the foundation for altruistic purposes.


Omar & Ivanna in “Arts Mallorca”

Concert tour presented by two young brothers from Mexico who come to  Mallorca, Omar & Ivanna started in the musical world twelve years ago.

26 art Mallorca.jpg

Review of the newspaper "La Jornada" Guadalajara, Mexico. “The great composers of all time”

A concert that was presented in BC now arrives in Guadalajara, with a program to honor the greatest composers.

27 LA Jornada.jpg

Newspaper “El Vigia” Great Concert for 2 pianos “Enjoy recital”

Omar & Ivanna, in collaboration with Grupo Reto AC, organized a concert entitled “El Arte del Piano” where the attendees, in addition to enjoying classical music, supported the group in its commitment to the fight against cancer.


Review in "Baja Review" about concert Tribute to F. Liszt "Celebrating 200 years of Franz Liszt"

Two of young piano virtuosos, Ivanna and her brother Omar Gutiérrez, who partly due to their focus on the composer F. Liszt gave rise to this series of concerts.


Article from the newspaper “El Vigía” Tribute concert to F. Liszt

“They impress on the piano” Brothers Omar and Ivanna showed why they are considered quality musicians by presenting a repertoire in honor of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.


Reseña en el periódico “El Vigia” Omar e Ivanna Gutiérrez “Deleitan con romanticismo”      

Romantic piano and violin music offered by the Omar & Ivanna brothers with works by Schubert, F. Liszt, Lecuona, Ponce, among others.  


Review of the newspaper El Vigia "Ensenadenses shine"

Omar Gutiérrez won the first prize in his respective category at the V Biennial of Classical Piano Mexicali BC international competition