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Do you want to show your talent in the world?

If you play an instrument or sing, this is your chance! For a long time, the pending subject in all the Conservatories of Music, has been and is to instruct the students in their professional career as a musician.

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Concert management, creation of personalized artistic proposals for each artist, dossier and sending to concert presenters, opera companies and other performing arts organizations that attract concert artists. And arrange concert tours.


We also offer and support with the realization of record productions, Recorded in Baja California and printed in the United States, Mastering and Mixing in Europe or Baja California (Depending on availability). As well as creation of an official website for the artist.


Omar Gutierrez & Partners © marketing staff connects with talent-booking presenters throughout Mexico and the world each month to deliver highly personalized marketing that focuses on gaining much-needed consideration from presenters. When interest is expressed, our managers take control and work to establish a relationship between the presenter or institution and the agency until they are able to schedule dates of presentations and concerts, as well as radio and television presentations.

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